Launch of the “3M Thank You Dental Alliance” – supported by OINK

For many years, 3M has been one of the most innovative companies in the dental industry. Dentists around the world rely on 3M dental products.

The aim of the 3M Thank You Dental Alliance is to focus on appreciation of customer performance. With this in mind, the program was launched, and its members benefit in a variety of ways.

3M relied on the expertise of OINK Media to design and implement the program. OINK’s design and concept team has been serving 3M Oral Care in all facets of marketing for many years. For the Thank You Dental Alliance project, our team’s responsibilities included overall visual design, creative and operational preparation of communications, technical consultation on platform development and project management of the program.

Following a successful test phase, the program was officially launched in the UK and will gradually be rolled out in other European countries.

3M Thank You Dental Alliance

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