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Christian Cuzmin, Holger Bertok
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Google Analytics:
The use of the Internet and of these web pages is unavoidably accompanied by security risks. Despite the use of up-to-date technology and encryption procedures, OINK Media GmbH cannot guarantee that the confidential data of users will not be able to be viewed or changed without authorisation during transmission via the Internet.

Typical risks currently on the Internet:

Viruses and worms:
Programs that independently distribute themselves, e.g. through e-mails sent over the Internet, and can cause damage to users’ computers.

Trojan horses:
Programs that perform security-critical functions without users’ knowledge, e.g. capturing passwords.

Phishing attacks:
Disguising e-mails or websites to appear as though they have a trustworthy origin in order to obtain the personal data of users.

Hacker intrusions:
Unauthorised intrusion into users’ computers via the Internet.

Man-in-the-middle attacks:
Reading, altering and deleting data during transmission. A series of security precautions for these web pages have already been taken by OINK Media GmbH. In order for these precautions to be taken effectively, users must also contribute by having the systems they use sufficiently protected and data securely transmitted in order to prevent misuse.