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Your coding is our primary concern

Our first review step is always free of charge and non-binding. You will receive an initial overview of revenue potentials before the start of the project.

We would like to support you professionally and reliably in the ensuring of the stability and growth of your hospital …

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Starting situation: Sleeping potentials

Our first review step is always free of charge and non-binding. You will receive an initial overview of revenue potentials before the start of the project.

Our bottom line: Code reviewing is always worth it!

How are reviews performed?

The coded cases from the previous day are viewed by us on a daily basis. The dataset according to §21 of the KHEntG (German Hospital Fees Act) from the previous day is automatically recorded by MetaKIS for this.

The cases within normal limits are directly released by us in the system for billing. This means that no gaps result in the billing chain and your employees do not have to exert any additional effort on site.

The cases are released early in the morning. We make sure that all cases are billed by 8:30 in the morning.

We assess abnormal cases within 24 hours. We receive feedback on whether the theoretical abnormalities are also seen in practice or whether the case was properly coded despite the arithmetical abnormality.

Your coding is our primary concern

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Primary coding according to DRG (diagnosis-related group) / PEPP (flat-rate remuneration for psychiatry and psychosomatics)

Starting situation: The mountain of files is growing

Many hospitals are facing the same set of problems: The number of open uncoded cases is extremely high. Liquidity is required urgently for this.

Our primary concern is your coding in order to secure your liquidity

Our services

  • Primary coding of patient data with you on site or via a secure Internet connection (VPN) in combination with a digital archiving system
  • Professional exchange with your experts for sustainably optimised primary coding
  • Short-term or long-term support with primary coding


  • Ensuring the quality of coding and documentation
  • Prompt coding and release for billing of current cases not yet billed
  • Working out approaches for optimisation through the inspection of your documents and structures
  • Objective analysis and improvement proposals
  • Your liquidity is secured

Let it flow!

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Starting situation: There are undiscovered sleeping potentials

Every day you receive notices of reviews aimed at reviewing your billing in order to identify savings potentials. This causes you to pay back a lot of money to payers. It doesn’t have to be that way:

Our services

  • We review your billing data in order to uncover sleeping potentials for revenue
  • Your data run through targeted formal, statistical and medical validation rules
  • A list with cases containing savings potentials is thereby generated
  • Our experienced employees assess the cases holistically on the basis of the full medical record
  • We uncover additional revenue potentials
  • We look for optimisation potentials relating to documentation that meets the requirements of the Medical Service (of the Health Insurance Funds) and improvements in the workflow


  • You can once again settle accounts for cases showing additional revenue potentials with the payers.
  • Knowledge-transfer through the presentation of our results within the framework of a team meeting
  • We discuss the abnormalities and coding proposals of our employees together
  • For each case with revenue potentials you receive the information required in order to be able to successfully defend the case in the event of a potential audit of accounts.

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Medical Service (of the Health Insurance Funds) management

Starting situation: Revenue risk is growing

There is the option to have the entire Medical Service (of the Health Insurance Funds) processing ensured by us through the audits of accounts preceding the case-related review.

Our services

  • Support provided on site or digitally via a secure Internet connection (VPN)
  • Discussion of the proposed changes with the employees on site
  • Support of the Medical Service (of the Health Insurance Funds) procedures resulting from our coding change


  • Prompt case version with qualitative feedback within the framework of possible optimisation potentials
  • For the health insurance providers, the cases billed ‘normally’ are without reference to review and the associated higher probability of audit
  • Low risk due to success-based remuneration


Let’s move forward together


According to §275d SGB, only verified complex treatments may be billed from 2022. Positive certification by the MD(K) is essential for future billing. Hospitals are therefore strongly recommended to evaluate the complex codes relevant to their audits in good time. We will be happy to support you in the preparations and in the process of a successful MD(K) structural audit.

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