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People who make minor adjustments & understand health facilities

Our hard work, courage and quality have proven themselves for over 20 years now, so we can proudly call ourselves a company with tradition.

We support clients from the widest variety of industries from the very start with a special focus on the healthcare industry. The 3M™ QM-Portal quality management software developed by us as well as the 3M™ MD-Management software are currently in use in over 600 hospitals and health facilities in Germany.

Our Cologne team is continuously working on making these tools for success even more efficient for health facilities. We cover the areas of product management, programming, quality assurance, sales, training and support for this.


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What we do

Eat. Sleep. Code.

Our passion is optimising procedures in hospitals and thereby offering an overarching platform across all departments and hierarchies.

The result: 3M™ QM-Portal and 3M™ MD-Management


The 3M QM-Portal is the web-based system for the efficient optimisation of quality management in your hospital with its document management system and modules for self-assessment and certification, for surveys and evaluations, for the development of an intranet and for the creation of structured quality reports. Using the role system of the 3M QM-Portal you can include employees or department in the quality management process in a targeted way and thereby share the responsibility across many parties.

The QM-Portal encompasses these modules:

Document management system
Surveys and evaluations
CIRS – Critical Incident Reporting Systems

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Document management system (DMS)

This module enables you to input QM-relevant documents centrally and make them available on the computer workstations of employees working remotely.

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Do you need a comprehensive intranet that is suitable for your target group and tailored to your corporate design?

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The easyCert module is a multifunctional tool for your certification. Certification is a big challenge for all hospitals. The easyCert module offers the best support for the creation of your self-assessment from the first step to the last – including re-certification.

easyCert is suitable for many established certification procedures (e.g. KTQ®, KTQ® Reha, IQMP).

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This module enables you to plan and document audits and inspections. Independently create question pools to which all employees can refer when creating audit templates.

The individual questions can have measures assigned to them and can be tracked. Measures can also be entered for external audits and inspections.

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This module brings clarity.

Independently create as many surveys and evaluations as you like – such as surveys of patients, employees or referrers. It is an investment that pays for itself very quickly.

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It’s a tiresome topic, but we simply have to go through it…

The creation of structured, machine-readable quality reports is a duty for nearly all health facilities.

This is no problem with the 3M™ QS-Bericht: With this module for a structured quality report in accordance with §137 SGB V (German Social Security Code V) you will comply with all legal regulations and can optimally present your own performance.

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CIRS – Critical Incident Reporting Systems

People learn from mistakes.

The Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS) module enables you to create reports as well as to report, process and export errors and near-errors for evaluation in a structured and anonymous way.

The CIRS module is embedded in the 3M™ QM-Portal web application and is usable as a component of the overall system or as an individual module.

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3M™ easySTROPS – structural testing made easy

The MDK Reform Act also regulates prospective audits of billing-relevant OPS codes by the Medical Service. We have developed the web-based easySTROPS software to support you in the structural audit process.

This enables a clear presentation of all OPS codes to be applied for with mapping of assigned organizational areas, responsibilities and deadlines. Necessary characteristics, including evidence, are specified by the system and can be maintained here. Reminders by e-mail help with timely processing and application.

Your benefits:

  • Quick overview with color coding, from the creation of the code to the decision by the MD (highlighting overdue, paused or completed codes)
  • Quick overview of all dates/deadlines for an individually selected period
  • Clear delimitation of individual codes for different persons responsible to ensure data protection (client separation)
  • Access through assignment of rights
  • Automated mail dispatch (assignment of codes/measures; deadline expiry)
  • Extended group of people (e.g. HR department, medical technology) for uploading evidence
  • Management of measures for obtaining evidence
  • Unlimited upload of certificates, incl. validities
  • Organized download of certificates for inspection preparation or dispatch
  • Completion instructions and individual comments
  • Storage of associated correspondence for the respective code
  • Logging of all relevant processes for complete traceability
  • Creation of an overview as PDF (e.g. for forwarding to GF)
  • Archiving for reviewing past years
  • Codes for the structural check are updated annually
  • Copying of codes that have already been applied for, including evidence that is still valid, for faster processing of subsequent approval periods

With easySTROPS, you save resources in the application process and secure your income volume at the same time. Simple and professional.

3M™ MD-Management

We have been co-operating with 3M™ Health Information Systems for many years. One of the focal points of this co-operation has been the 3M™ MD-Management software. This is a module of the 3M™ 360 Encompass software that supports health facilities and hospitals with verification requests.

Sequence and process controls integrated within the framework of a centralised but also cross-departmental administration are already enabled with the admission of the patient. the saved client-specific workflow with firmly defined work steps, custom reminder functions and deadline management in conformity with the German Test Procedure Agreement (PrüfvV) supports you in this. This thereby guarantees that there is always a timely and rapid reaction to all requests of the payers and the Medical Service.

Through the depiction of professional evaluations and analyses before, during and after reviews as well as the presentation of success rates of disputed cases, 3M™ MD-Management enables you to always have an up-to-date view of open and reviewed cases. This also makes lucrative and usually required liquidity planning possible.

Further highlights of 3M™ MD-Management:

  • Case presentation and case processing on the basis of the always up-to-date data in accordance with §301 and §21
  • Direct payer communication via ANFM/MBEG (request for medical grounds/medical grounds) and KAIN/INKA (health insurance information/hospital information)
  • Disputed value determination through the integrated simulation grouper
  • Connection to archive systems with presentation of digitised patient/case/Medical Service files
  • Interfaces with parameter exchange with financial accounting systems
  • Digital document exchange (notices of reviews, expert reports, document dispatch) with bidirectional connection to the care provider portal of the Medical Service
  • Pivot analyses for in-house and custom but also prescribed evaluations

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We have collected a lot of know-how not only as software creators but also as users on the part of health facilities, e.g. within the framework of our consultation.

Our experts for medical controlling as well as quality management and assurance also support you in the development and improvement of your software products. An intensive exchange with the end users and agile software development within the framework of customer-oriented product development are two of the most important pillars of our work. We move your software content further faster!

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3M™ Health Information Systems

We have been co-operating with 3M™ Health Information Systems at numerous levels for many years. Whether as a development partner, as a service provider or within the framework of a sales co-operation for the products 3M QM-Portal and 3M MD-Management – 3M HIS and OINK have had a successful track record together since 2005; over 600 health facilities in Germany alone make use of these two software products. 3M MD-Management and 3M QM-Portal are sold in Germany exclusively by OINK.

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Over 800 hospitals in Germany trust DMI as their service provider on the way to a digital future. DMI and OINK cooperate selectively as sales and development partners.

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RZV – Rechenzentrum Volmarstein GmbH

Founded in 1968, RZV GmbH now curates around 1,250 institutions from the health sector as well as from the social and public sectors. RZV and OINK develop i.a. common interfaces.

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Com4Cure GmbH

Com4Cure GmbH is an IT service company that operates in the German healthcare market. The focus is on data communication between cost bearers and service providers as well as on hygiene management.

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    Starting 1 January 2021, the Digital Healthcare Act (DVG) will require the electronic exchange of data between hospitals/care providers and the Medical Service. With our 3M™ MD-Management, you are prepared as well as possible for this requirement.